Allergen Information

At J.B Meays & Son, we are well equipped to deal with any allergens or dietary requirements.

- All our staff have completed an allergen course, and are committed to maintaining a high standard of food safety.

- We have a dedicated Food Safety Management Team on site at all times to ensure that any queries can be answered. 

- We consistently review our allergen policy, ensuring that we comply with current food safety guidelines.


Allergen FAQ's:

Do you have a range of gluten free products?

We have a wide range of products that we produce using free from gluten ingredients. These range from sausages to oven ready dishes. However due to the presence of gluten on site, we cannot 100% guarantee that any product is completely gluten free. For more information please contact us via telephone, email or pop in the shop and we will be happy to take you through all our "free from gluten" products.

Do you have an allergen list?

Yes, we always have an allergen list on site which is reviewed and updated regularly. If you would like a email copy of our allergen list then please let us know via our email address and we will send you a copy.

Click here to view our online allergen list

How do you reduce the risk of cross contamination?

Although we are very careful to avoid cross contamination, we cannot guarantee that no allergens are present. However if you ask a member of our staff, we are more than happy to prepare a product freshly for you on a clean surface, with clean equipment to minimise the risk as much as possible. 

If you require any additional information, please don't hesitate to get in touch via email or telephone and a member of our Food Safety Team will assist you. 

Please note that due to allergens being present on site, we cannot 100% guarantee that any given product is completely allergen free.